INFOMS Doctoral Student Paper Competition


As a part of the Conference, we are organizing doctoral student paper competition.  Those who are either currently students or have recently completed their doctorate (2018 or later) are encouraged to participate in the Competition. Winners will be given citations/ certificates.


The evaluation committee reserves the right not to give away all the awards if worthy papers are not received.


Those who wish to compete must first submit an abstract following the process indicated in the Contributed Paper section and clearly indicate that the paper should be considered for the competition. Ideally, the paper should be a part of the doctoral dissertation work. All papers accepted for competition will be scheduled for presentation either on a single day. Each presenter will be given 20 minutes (15 for presentation and 5 for Q&A). The full paper for the competition along with a one-page executive summary should be e-mailed by April 30, 2020.

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